Dec 5, 2011

A Bible to Breastfeeding Mothers!

When women get together and start swapping stories of the days when their babies were small and the subject of breastfeeding comes up, chances are at least one woman will say, "I couldn't make enough milk, so I had to quit nursing".  If the subject changes quickly, no one gets to hear the sadness behind those words or the questions that could be asked: "What happened? Did anyone give you a reason?"  That's where this book comes in to picture, The Breastfeeding Mother's Guide to Making More Milk, by Diana West, IBCLC, and Lisa Marasco, M.A., IBCLC. Almost like a bible to breastfeeding mothers, above, are the forewords from the same book!

Facing the challenge of raising twins, I knew there was a chance that I could face problems with milk supply.  Thanks to a couple of my online twin Mommy friends, I chanced upon this book and read every page of it before my twins arrived.  I could successfully and exclusively provide for my twins till 8 months (no supplementing with formula), and then until I stopped at 10 months!  I can not review this book in any better words than the above mentioned fact!  
The book covers topics including but not limited to: supply and demand, hormones, lifestyle, working moms, galactogogues (milk supply enhancing herbs and medicines), pumping, prematurity, baby behaviour due to physiological or genetic abnormalities, mother's emotional well being, assessing and planning for next pregnancy... and many more such topics.  The author also has a website which can provide you with more information - see here.

Some other good resources for breastfeeding and parenting are:


Every individual is biologically different, and nursing experience can never be the same for every Mother.  Unfortunately, most women enter motherhood with the presumption that nursing is a very natural act, which is not always the case.  It takes a lot of determination and perseverance, along with a strong family support!  And finally, no matter what the outcome is, what matters most is a healthy-happy Mommy and Baby! 

Are there any breastfeeding books, forums or websites you would refer to a new Mom?  Please feel free to share!

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