Mar 3, 2012

Dunellen Cinema Cafe Review

Dunellen Cinema Cafe
In December 2011, I had posted about a Child Friendly Cinema Cafe!  We had an opportunity to visit this theatre, Dunellen Cinema Cafe, to watch "The Lorax"!

It is a quaint little theatre.  Not a super fancy 3D place, but it has a very nice old school rustic setup.  Tickets are sold 30 minutes before the show (not available in advance or online), but mind you there is a huge line!  Food is served at your table, and your family can enjoy their food while you watch the movie.  The volume is also not super high, so its great for younger kids.  The seating is pretty spaced out as well, so even if your kid is not being very quite (kids being kids), it does not really bother other guests at the theatre.  There is also enough space for them to move a leg and not hit the seat in front either!

We had kids ranging from age 2 to 6, and all of them enjoyed the theatre experience. Definitely worth a visit and also worth a repeat!

As far as "The Lorax"... the movie was cute and vibrant and definitely worth a watch!

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  1. Hi there,
    The theater is 5 minutes from me! I love that little theater too! Glad you enjoyed it :-)