Jan 29, 2012

The Cornucopia Institute - Supporting Local, Organic & Authentic Food!

The Cornucopia Institute is an organization seeking economic justice for the family-scale farming communities. Through research, advocacy, and economic development, the institute empower farmers and consumers in supporting ecologically produced local, organic and authentic food.

The Cornucopia Institute

Not all natural and organic brands are created equally, and if you are researching brands to choose from at your local grocery store, check out their score cards (link at the top of their home page) for egg, dairy, soy, and cereal.  Several reports about baby formula, nuts, beef, soy meat alternatives, Walmart-organic can also be found here.

If you wish to support, The Cornucopia Institute accepts tax-deductible donations,  recognized by the IRS as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public interest group. 

You can also find them on Facebook

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  1. This is great.
    Finally a place where one can search for the organicness of organic foods!
    Thank you so much for sharing Neelambari.