Nov 30, 2011

World of B Toys!

Welcome to the World of B!

B toys are creative, intelligent, delightful, vibrant, yet simple! All the toys are lead, phthalates and BPA free and are made of wood, plastics, cloth, ribbon and many such materials!

We have owned B toys for over a year now, and none of them have broken or malfunctioned yet.  We have thus far adopted the Zanny Zoo (pictured on right; courtesy: Target), Wheeee-Is, Param Pum Pum, One Two Squeeze Blocks, Meowsic (see toys here)!  We have also gifted several of these toys to our friends and they absolutely love them! 

B Toys can be purchased at Target ($cheapest$), Amazon and sometimes Costco.  For more locations, click here.  You can also find them on Facebook!

B Toys also supports Free The Children, which is the world's largest network of children helping children through education, with more than one million young people involved in innovative programs in 45 countries.

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